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Contests & Incentives


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50/50 Weekly Drawing:
Cost is 50 cents. If your name is drawn the following week and you have had a loss then you win half of monies collected. If the winner has had a gain, the money rolls over to the following week.

Monthly Raffle:
This month you may purchase tickets at $1.00 each. At the last meeting of the month one ticket will be drawn and the winner will receive 1/2 of all monies taken in. The other half of monies will be put into our SRD (State Recognition Days) Fund.


Fruit and Veggie Basket:

Each member who wishes to participate brings in one legal food item or 25 cents to be placed in the fruit and veggie basket. A name will be drawn from those participating and winning name takes home basket. You do not have to lose to win the fruit and veggie basket. Visitors may enter the fruit and veggie contest.



Walking Contest:
Each member is given a paper with 100 tennis shoes. A tennis shoe can be colored for each mile walked or 20 minutes of exercise. Everyday walking normally done at work or doing yard work, does NOT count as exercise. Your walking must be done above and beyond your normal daily routine. When you color in all your tennis shoes, bring it to chapter meeting and you will be given a small award for those Big Efforts!

TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)
TOPS#FL770, Kathleen
Meeting Place: Kathleen United Methodist Church
6104 Polk Avenue
Kathleen, Florida 33849
For more information contact:
Sarah Hernandez (863)859-2425 Leader & Area Captain of Brevard, Polk & Osceola counties

Donna Bragdon (863)401-9116 Central Florida Coordinator