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I think all will agree the Fall Rally was a great success and Donna Bragdon did a wonderful job at putting it together! Thanks so much Donna!
I am PROUD to say we had 12 members attend out of 18 members! Hopefully next year all will be able to attend as we really had a great time!
Congratulations to Sara Williams, our youngest member, who was the Best Loser over the summer with a 14+ pound loss for June, July and August! Congratulations are also in order for SuZee Hick, Sharon Hutto, Sonya Mahoney and Geraldine Kraft for having perfect attendance for the same time period. I was given a pen, a poem and a yellow flower for being a new KOPS since last year rally and was also the winner of The Great Pumpkin Award from my chapter. Thank you all so much for the kind words, you make me feel it is all worth while! Congratulations to Bee Jay Marchand, TOPS#FL660, Lakeland and Priscilla Mulkey TOPS#FL68 for being the Great Pumpkins of their chapters! Josie Vernile did a most wonderful job as the song leader at the rally! Thanks for letting me put you on the spot! Thanks to SuZee Hick and Sonya Mahoney who made our scarecrow. They did a fantastic job and we won the funniest scarecrow! SuZee accepted the award for that. Thank you both so much. Special Thanks to Betty Roberts who manned the sale table. She did a fantastic job and we sold $101.00 to put to our SRD fund. Our skit went over great! Everyone did a FANTASTIC job, but I must admit Sonya had the most laughs! GREAT GREAT JOB! Joy Crews read the skit most beautifully and we thank her so very much! Congratulations to our friends at TOPS#FL660, Lakeland and TOPS#FL68, Lakeland for their awards they received! Also Congratulations go out to Monique & Arnie Summers (TOPS#FL758, Lakeland), and Jim Eggert & Phyllis Goddeau (TOPS#FL68, Lakeland) for receiving the New KOPS awards. 
We learned Carolyn Beaufort, the previous coordinator would be moving in November. I know she will be missed by many and we thank her for all the work she had done for us here in Florida. We wish her the very best! I read a speech for everyone and I really enjoyed it. You all know I love talking about TOPS! Infact, I have been asked by Doris Freedman from TOPS#FL48, Lakewales, to speak this coming Friday at their chapter meeting and I am looking forward to that! Krystyna made off like a bandit during the raffles winning 4 prizes. She gave one to LaVerne Ray and one to Sara Williams. Janina, Josie and myself also won raffle drawings, so of course we had a lot of fun! Once again thanks so much to everyone for participating and to Donna for the wonderful job she did at putting it together. I think it would be really nice if you would drop her a note to thank her for all her hard work! Of course, we can't leave out her husband, John, who was nothing but trouble, haha, but he wouldn't be any fun any other way! (You did get my Andrew? Right?!) (JUST KIDDING YA'ALL!!)
PS.Betty Roberts thought our day wasn't long enough, I guess, as she had a flat tire on the way home, but who needs AAA when we have Sara Williams and Krystyna Hernandez? (SuZee Hick was video taping and not helping, haha!)





























TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)
TOPS#FL770, Kathleen
Meeting Place: Kathleen United Methodist Church
6104 Polk Avenue
Kathleen, Florida 33849
For more information contact:
Sarah Hernandez (863)859-2425 Leader & Area Captain of Brevard, Polk & Osceola counties

Donna Bragdon (863)401-9116 Central Florida Coordinator