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FOCUS By Marji Clark


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TOPS#VA606, Centreville



Changes weekly!
I have had the pleasure of corresponding with a most wonderful TOPS member from TOPS#VA606, Centreville  by the name of Marji Clark. She sends out an email each week named FOCUS. It is a wonderful email, filled with lots of information to help one obtain or maintain their goals of weight loss. I will include her message each week, however, her email is enclosed and you too can receive her email right in your very own inbox! So if you would like to be included on her list, just drop her an email,  put FOCUS in the subject line and ask to be added to the list.
FOCUS - WEEK 6 - 2005
Everyone has jumped onto the bandwagon – it is a miracle with so many people/companies/magazines/organizations involved that the “weight-loss-let’s-get-healthy” bandwagon hasn’t tipped over!!  Has it made a difference?  Has it made a difference to you?  I don’t know about you, but my head is spinning with all the information overload!  They are all interesting sites with a lot of good material.  Wegman’s (grocery store, for those who don’t know, and my employer) has a great Weight Management section on their website and actually do promote healthy eating and healthy living – okay this is not a paid announcement.  What keeps you motivated?
I am reading a little book “The Don’t Sweat Guide to Weight Loss – Feeling at Peace with Your Body”.  It has one hundred short chapters with really good, cut to the chase, topics.  I may have to buy the book just for weekly inspirations for FOCUS.  For example – let’s take the highlights from the Foreword.  They talk about the importance of perspective.  “In order to stay on track and keep our eye on the goal, it’s helpful to keep our spirits high”.  “Unfortunately, in many cases, it becomes an obsession”.  That is true in my case.  I didn’t go to a SuperBowl party because I didn’t want to be around foods that I couldn’t handle, plus I was barely hanging on and had binged the preceding nights (note the “s” on nights).  The Foreword goes onto talk about that…”the most important ingredient of all is the way we approach our goals and feel about ourselves.  Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy not just the end result, but also the process?  In the opinion of the book we are better able to stick to a plan, live with discipline and make healthy choices, when we approach our lives -- and goals – with kindness, self-respect, self-love, ignoring the number that shows up on the scale.”
These are the TIPS for Preventing Obesity from the Giant Food Kids Page (see I told you - EVERYONE is on that bandwagon):
High fiber, low-sugar diet, active lifestyle are important lessons
-          Make sure your child eats meals regularly
-          Put away the candy dish (hey that is a really good one) – put out bowl filled with fresh, seasonal fruits
-          Encourage your children to take an interest in food
-          Keep Moving!
Denise Austin’s site says that the 3 most important aspects of weight loss success (based on studies are): decreasing portion sizes, eliminating empty calorie sources, and getting active on a daily basis. (re: heart health) (believe it or not they have a walking program with tips and prizes – it is a beer company and I don’t drink beer, but I do walk)
Really like the following phrase "Look for the KOPS in the Mirror" courtesy of JJ  That Okie From Bokoshe, TOPS #OK591, Poteau, KOPS 9 years, 7 continuous (thanks JJ)
How many of us can’t even look in the mirror, much less look for the KOPS in the Mirror!  Perhaps we should start practicing and begin to see the KOPS in all of us!
Have a super week!  I am excited -- off to the Myrtle Beach Retreat led by Barbara Cady on Friday!!  That should be good for kickstart!! 
100+ tips from (continued) Small Steps - Take Small Steps Today!
82. Top your favorite cereal with apples or bananas.
83. Try brown rice or whole-wheat pasta.
84. Include several servings of whole grain food daily.
CULitr, CU@Goal, CU@KOPS, Marji
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